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Pages: 40

Year published: 2011

Chapters: René Magritte, Marcel Marlier, Ben Heine, Nestor Cambier, Wim Delvoye, David Claerbout, Paul Bouré, Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, Danny Matthys, Arne Quinze, Jacques Calonne, Eric Van Hove, Francis Alÿs, Guy Peellaert, Jean de Bosschère, Carsten Höller, Jan Fabre, Pierre Alechinsky, Antwerp & District Pipe Band, Marcel Broodthaers, Jacques Hustin, Hippolyte de la Charlerie, Danny Devos, Maurice Wyckaert, Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo, Jimi Dams, Charles Baugniet, Renier de Huy, Jef Van Campen, Roman Madrolle, Jozef Peeters, Marcel Lempereur-Haut, Jan Frans De Boever, E. L. T. Mesens, Rachel Baes, Gilbert Declercq, Roger Wittevrongel, Jean Baptiste Madou, Henry de Groux, Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, Stani Michiels, Hans Vandekerckhove, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Thierry De Cordier, Renaat Bosschaert, Sophie Podolski, Joseph van Severdonck, Adèle Kindt, Guillaume Bijl, Médard Tytgat, Jan Cockx, Jan Vercruysse, Daniël Theys, Ben Goossens, Paul Neefs, Cris Brodahl, Daniel Ost, Henri Privat-Livemont, Marc Darimont, Georges Croegaert, Victor Servranckx, Stef Driesen, Shanglie Zhou, Max Selen, Gustaaf Sorel, Bruno Belvaux, Georgette Berger, Jan Op De Beeck, Dobbelaer.

Random excerpt from the book:
...René François Ghislain Magritte (21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967) was a Belgian surrealist artist. He became well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images. His work challenges observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality. Magritte was born in Lessines, in the province of Hainaut, in 1898, the eldest son of Léopold Magritte, who was a tailor and textile merchant, and Régina (née Bertinchamps), a milliner until her marriage. Little is known about Magritte's early life. He began lessons in drawing in 1910. On 12 March 1912, his mother committed suicide by drowning herself in the River Sambre. This was not her first attempt; she had made many over a number of years, driving her husband Léopold to lock her into her bedroom. One day she escaped, and was missing for days. She was later discovered a mile or so down the nearby river, dead. According to a legend, 13-year-old Magritte was present when her body was retrieved from the water, but recent research has discredited this story, which may have originated with the family nurse. Supposedly, when his mother was found, her dress was covering her face, an image that has been suggested as the source of several of Magritte's paintings in 1927–1928 of people with cloth obscuring their faces, including Les Amants. Magritte's earliest paintings, which date from about 1915, were Impressionistic in style. From 1916 to 1918 he studied at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, under Constant Montald, but found the instruction uninspiring. The paintings he produced during the years 1918–1924 were influenced by Futurism and by the offshoot of Cubism practiced by Metzinger. Most of his works of this period are female nudes. In 1922 Magritte married Georgette Berger, whom he had met as a child in 1913. From December 1920 until September 1921, Magritte served in the Belgian infantry in the Flemish town of Beverlo near Leopoldsburg. In 1922–1923, he worked as a draughtsman in a wallpaper factory, and was a p...


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